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Stop Floods and Wasting Water with the Only Electronic Auto Shut Off Valve Kit for RO/DI Systems

XP Aqua RO/DI Flood Guardian is the perfect solution for any reefer that wants a float valve that they do not need to drill or permanently mount to a reservoir. The Flood Guardian uses a dual optical sensor that can be magnetically attached to 5-gallon buckets, ATO containers, or even large saltwater mixing reservoirs, but then moved to any other container within seconds without leaving any holes behind. When water reaches the optical eye, it will send an electronic signal to the controller which will shut the included solenoid off, stopping the flow of water. 

  • Automatically Shuts Off Your RO/DI System
  • Installs and Uninstalls in Seconds
  • No Holes or Drilling
  • Magnetic Mount
  • Dual Optical Eye for Safety
  • Works in Complete Darkness
  • Includes RO Solenoid Valve
  • Eliminates Waste Water Run-Off


Optical Sensor Installation

The optical sensor can be mounted in any reservoir with a wall thickness under 1/2" at the level you wish to fill it up to. The cable should be positioned vertically which will stack the optical eyes, allowing it to utilize the dual sensors. The sensor can be placed in a bright room or even in complete darkness. 


Solenoid Valve Installation

RO/DI System without an Auto Shut Off Valve - The solenoid valve should be placed between your RO/DI systems pre-filters and the membrane. It is important to place the solenoid after sediment filters, or even better after carbon blocks to remove any particulates that could clog the solenoid valve. Installing the valve before your RO/DI system can cause the solenoid valve to fail prematurely. 

RO/DI System with an Auto Shut Off Valve - The solenoid valve can be placed anywhere after your DI and before the water enters your reservoir. This method will let you use your RODI system like normal if you split the RO or DI water off to any other reservoirs while allowing the XP RO/DI Flood Guardian to work properly on its own. 



Max Mounting Thickness - 1/2"

Solenoid Power Consumption - 6W @ 12V

Universal Tubing Diameter - 1.2" (30.5m)


What's Included?

1x RO/DI Flood Guardian Dual Optical Sensor

1x RO/DI Flood Guardian Controller with Power Supply

1x RO/DI Flood Guardian Solenoid Valve

1x RO/DI Flood Guardian Tubing Mount

RO/DI Flood Guardian - XP Aqua

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