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If you have the Neptune Systems Dissolved Oxygen Probe, then this is the direct replacement kit for that probe. The replacement kit will include 5 membranes and cleaning solution. The DO probe is not a cheap item and by simply replacing the membrane within the probe it will act just like new again.

We suggest changing out the probe's membrane every 3 months for best results.


Sensor Membrane within the probe should be replaced every 3 months for best results.


Dissolved oxygen can easily be manipulated with either air pumps and air stones, aiming return nozzles at the surface of the water, or a water pump that vertically pushes the water to the surface to allow for gas exchange. In a typical reef tank most O2 is lost and transferred with CO2 at the surface of the water. Another large sink for dissolved oxygen to be consumed is settled detritus, food, and other dissolved organic compounds. As the process breaks down organic compounds dissolved oxygen will be consumed. For overstocked tanks that can cause a huge issue as your animals will consume the oxygen as well as their waste which could lead to dangerously low levels of dissolved oxygen.

Replacement Dissolved Oxygen Probe Membrane Kit - Neptune Systems

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