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Protein Skimmer Delay Timer

  • Cheap Insurance from Skimmer Overflows
  • Necessity on recirculating external skimmers
  • Recommended for all skimmers of any type


  • Place the Delay timer box in a dry location away from water
  • Plug skimmer Pump(s) plug into the Delay Timer socket
  • Insert the Delay Timer power plug into a 110v outlet. The skimmer will turn on after 5 minutes.


  • This product must be located away from moisture or water
  • Do not insert/pull the plug with wet hands
  • Be careful, don’t drop the system’s body into water, this will damage the time delay
  • When taking maintenance of a skimmer or other electric equipment, please remove the plug from the socket first.
  • Must be used under the maximum power


When power is lost to a system with a sump the water level in the sump will almost always rise up a few inches.  When power returns to the system the rise in water level can affect your skimmer and cause it to overflow due to excessive water level right on start up.  The solution to that problem is having your skimmer wait a few minutes before starting up.  The Reef Octopus Delay Timer will automatically keep your skimmer from starting for 5 minutes to allow your systems water level to go back to normal, before starting the skimmer pump. 

With External Skimmers the delay timer is almost a necessity, as it can keep your skimmer pump from running dry if no water is being fed into the skimmer. 

When the Red LED is on, Power is shut off to the skimmer
When the Green LED is on, Power provided to the skimmer

Technical Data

  • Input: 110V AC 60Hz
  • Output: 110V AC 60Hz
  • Delay time: 5 minutes ±5%
  • Maximum Power: 120W
  • Fuse Type - F3/L250V

Protein Skimmer Delay Timer - Reef Octopus

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