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We recommend color changing resin for the fact that it will physically change colors as it gets exhausted.  That allows you to monitor the consumption of the DI resin and know when to change it out.  If you have a TDS meter we still recommend color changing resin as it will let you know when to monitor your TDS meter for when TDS starts creeping through the DI resin.  When it comes to packaging not just any packaging will do, we package our DI resin in vacuum sealed Mylar bags for ultimate effectiveness and shelf life.

DI Resin is necessary to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to zero and is the last stage of an RO/DI unit. Resin is sold in economical bulk bags as well as single use pouches. The resin is designed to be used with one of our refillable DI cartridges. This refillable design saves a small fortune over proprietary sealed cartridges.

Color Changing Mixed Bed DI Resin

BRS One Cartridge Refill Bulk Color Changing DI Resin

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